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Lulzsec, the equal opportunity prankster

lulzsec pbs hack

Hopefully this will derail the narrative that Anonymous and similar hiveminds are part of an anti-system, anarchist underground intent on throwing a spanner in the conservative machinery. They could care less what ideological stripe you’re wearing.

A cyber-entity going by the name Lulzsec hacked into PBS.org last night and posted a fake story about Tupac (cached version), posted passwords, and defaced other elements of the website, in retribution for a Frontline report a few day ago about Wikileaks which wasn’t to their liking. I haven’t seen the Frontline report yet, but apparently it “psychologized” Bradley Manning’s motives for leaking the government data, and painted Wikileaks in a predatory light. It’s just hard for me to see Frontline unfairly covering this story after their great work in the past (check out Bush’s War). Of course, they can’t be unbiased, but for mainstream media it has always been evenhanded — at least what I have seen.

Lulzsec and Anonymous, still, are fascinating movements, something I am trying to conjure up in my book, Nomad X. The anonymity and trickster aspect of it are most certainly a harbinger of future anti-fascist movements. As the axis of the web gets ever more centralized, splinter groups like this will form — seemingly spontaneously — to wreak havoc on the superstructure. I’m just glad, in this case, they didn’t bring down the whole site, because PBS is a force for good… in my humble opinion.

Via Boing Boing, Forbes

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